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Tips for your CV and Interview

Your CV has the same function as an ad, its objective is to sell your profile to a consumer, highlighting attributes such as your knowledge, skills, experiences and aspirations. More than writing your CV, design it to capture the attention of your target audience (us)

What information should a CV contain?

  • General Information
  • Full Name
    Contact information (phone, e-mail,address)
    Country of residence
  • Professional objective
  • Interest area
    Areas where you are interested in developing your career
  • Professional experience
    Company name
    Period (month and year)
    Area and position
    Responsibilities and achievements
  • Academic and postgraduate studies
    Professional degree or last degree of study
    National and international exchange experience
    Academic achievements
  • Languages ​​and software
    Certifications and domain Level (Basic, intermediate or advanced, not percentages).
  • Extracurricular and social responsibility activities
    Active participation in student groups, committees, sports and artistic activities.
  • Write it down!
    Use verbs that mean concrete actions: I developed, achieved results, improved, achieved, etc.
    Do not use phrases such as “teamwork, results-oriented, proactive.”
    Check that dates are correct
    Avoid unimportant information that you cannot verify
    Take care of writing and spelling
    Order and Cleanness
  • Design it!
    Build a short format (1 page or 2 maximum)
    Take care of presentation.
    Be creative without forgetting a professional image
    Tip: all ads are put on test before they are released to the public. Share your CV with family, friends and teachers to give you their opinion.

Ready for the Interview?

Did you know that the Interview is your opportunity to be yourself and sell your skills, strengths and aptitudes?
Much of the success of your Interview will be achieved by planning your strategies:

  1. Investigate
    Be interested in discovering what we do, how we want to achieve it and what our goal is. Find out about us using tools such as our website, articles and news about us.
  2. Question yourself
    Anticipate and simulate your interview. Prepare your answers and don’t forget to be authentic. Discover your strengths and what you can offer us.
  3. Be yourself!
    Remember that we are interested in your Talent. Always respond with sincerity and confidence, showing where you are going and your level of commitment.

Things to watch out for?

  1. Punctuality
    Prepare early and arrive at your interview 5 minutes before.
    Our interview starts from your arrival at our office (and does not end until you leave).
  2. Communication
    Listen carefully to your interviewer (s) and provide only information that is verifiable.
    Communicate your ideas slowly and with good volume.
  3. Focus
    When you tell us about your experience (professional or not) keep the focus on your contribution, your decisions and those situations in which your participation made a difference.
  4. Be yourself!
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