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Materials and Accessories


All of our blade materials and edge shapes are specifically designed for use in high performance presses. Adjust your operation with the high performance tools and materials you need to meet production standards

  • Metal blades
  • Plastic and Composite Blades.

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Zahnn and Ford Cups

Viscosity is perceived as ‘thickness’ or pour resistance, but in the concept of viscosity there is more than this. All fluids undergo internal friction between their molecules that determines the ease or difficulty of product fluidity. Due to this internal friction, energy is needed to move the liquid and viscosity is the measure of resistance to flow.

  • Zahnn Cup
  • Ford Cup

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Designed to enter the ceramic Anilox roller cells, made of steel, with 0.003 threads that circulate the cleaning product, renewing the cell to act on the dried ink layers, adhesives and varnishes.

  • Brushes with stainless steel bristles.
  • Brushes with bronze bristles
  • Brushes with nylon bristles
  • Brushes with horse hair bristles

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Tools to match ink color.

Equipment designed for the review, application, implementation of the inks as a test in the different printing materials, paper, cardboard, plastic film, etc. In order to provide ideas for improvement and quality tests.

InkFormulation Software
F L E X I P R O O F 1 0 0 /UV
eXact Standard Spectrophotometer
Judge QC de X-Rite

Ink color and density

Techkon spectrodens and densitometer

SpectroDens is your modern all-purpose measuring device for every application, from prepress to printing. Whether in prepress to verify the evidence, for continuous quality control in the printing press, during the inspection of paper and printed products delivery or in a color laboratory, SpectroDens is exceptionally suitable, regardless of the application. It combines the qualities of a high precision spectrophotometer and an easy to use densitometer. The measurement is spectral, that is, all color information (the spectral color fingerprint) is recorded accurately. The data is converted into measurement data for descriptive analysis and visualization.

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