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CDI Crystal

The Esko CDI Crystal produces the perfect plate for all flexographic printing applications that require high production and printing stability in the press.

XPS Crystal

The innovative XPS Crystal optimally combines the main and rear UV exposure.  Unlike UV exposure tables that use luminous lamps with fluctuating intensity, the XPS Crystal uses UV LEDs that do not require preheating and that always emit consistent radiation.

CDI crystal XPS

The combination of the exposition equipment for flexography CDI Crystal, with the XPS Crystal exposition unit, provides a perfect and consolidated workflow for making flexography plates.

CDI Spark advanced

The CDI Spark family offers a wide range of digital exposure equipment for flexography plates, intended for different markets: from an exposition unit with small space occupancy, to a very large one, for the identifier and label markets, flexible packaging, Small and medium folding boxes, and even the wavy market.

You can choose and configure a CDI, to meet your current production needs, and expand capacity as your company grows. The CDI Spark family can work with all plate sizes, and can freely choose any brand of digital plate and processing method.

Automation Engine

Automation Engine works as the heart of any size of production operation for prepress. Automation Engine allows unparalleled automation with a solid quality control like a rock, includes extensive integration possibilities with administrative systems and is highly scalable.

Color Engine

Color Engine allows color management throughout the packaging and printing supply chain. At the heart of Color Engine there is a central color database, for all your critical color data.


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